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Collaboration is the living soul of LYBRA – bringing members, brokerage houses, yacht crews and private clients together, approaching every issue as one of mutual interest, and providing a platform for all voices to be heard. From the establishment of better central agency sharing systems or smart new crew training approaches, to revolutionising the coordination of industry events and superyacht shows, we believe collaboration equals progress.





Our LYBRA accredited standard will be a benchmark of quality and integrity in our industry, as we embrace digitisation to help deliver absolute transparency in our market. By articulating information clearly, auditing meticulously, sharing data efficiently, and facilitating clear lines of communication between brokers, charterers, agents, captains, crews and owners, LYBRA is synonymous with trust and progress, while elevating the experience of yachting for all.





Besides having a clearly defined code of ethics that seeks to establish absolute best practice in yachting, we support initiatives that serve not only our industry but our society and our planet. From helping to raise awareness surrounding plastic pollution, to enlightening owners on how they might use their yachts in community initiatives, we believe all superyachts have the power to serve a purpose beyond luxury.




We strive to make sense of the superyacht industry’s myriad of rules and regulations – cutting to the chase, lobbying for causes we passionately believe in, driving constructive change. Whether it’s delivering an immaculate standard of service on every LYBRA accredited yacht, promising utmost safety and security for clients and crews, or supporting efforts to neutralise our industry’s footprint, we’re driven to do better by yachting – and to help yachting do better by the world.

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